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This gritty, fast-paced, and innovative police drama earned five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay (written by Ernest Tidyman), and Best Actor (Gene Hackman). Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle (Hackman) and his partner, Buddy Russo (Roy Scheider), are New York City police detectives on narcotics detail, trying to track down the source of heroin from Europe into the United States. The French Connection broke plenty of new ground for screen thrillers; Popeye Doyle was a highly unusual "hero," an often violent, racist, and mean-spirited cop whose dedication to his job fell just short of dangerous obsession. The film's high point, a high-speed car chase with Popeye tailing an elevated train, was one of the most viscerally exciting screen moments of its day and set the stage for dozens of action sequences to follow. And the film's grimy realism (and downbeat ending) was a big change from the buff-and-shine gloss and good-guys-always-win heroics of most police dramas that preceded it.

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Special Features * Closed Caption * * Disc 1 * William Friedkin Introduction to The French Connection * Commentary by William Friedkin * Commentary by Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider * Trivia Track * Isolated Score Track * Enhanced for D-Box Motion Control Systems * Disc 2 * Deleted Scenes * Anatomy of a Chase * Hackman on Doyle * Friedkin and Grosso Remember the Real French Connection * Scene of the Crime * Color Timing The French Connection * Cop Jazz: The Music of Don Ellis * Rogue Cop: The Noir Connection * BBC Documentary: The Poughkeepsie Shuffle * Making the Connection: The Untold Stories of The French Connection

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