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The powerful documentary Death in the Bunker: The True Story of Hitler's Downfall intercuts archival footage and interviews with historians to retrace the Allied Forces' joint efforts to bring modern history's most insane and malevolent tyrant toppling to a nasty defeat. It shows how Hitler's Axis -- poised on the threshold of victory in 1941 -- took an ugly misstep when the megalomaniacal dictator declared war against the United States, and committed career suicide in the process. It was "all downhill from there," so to speak, as Hitler broke his non-aggression pact with Russia -- and subsequently lost to the Soviet Union; weakened his troops by massacring Lidice in retribution for Heydrich's assassination; and fell on his face in Rommel's Battle of El Alamein. The program also discusses how the Normandy invasion became one of the deciding factors in Hitler's collapse, and how all were fatal steps in a long descent into the grave that culminated with Hitler's suicide in a bunker, on April 30, 1945.

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Special Features * Exclusive interviews with: * Bernd Freytag Von Loringhoven * Armin D. Lehmann * Traudl Junge * Rochus Misch

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