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A hooded Nazi agent, known only as the Black Hangman, sends a blood-soaked challenge to America - the corpses of assassinated industry leaders. His goal seems clear - to disrupt the Allied war effort, but his victims all share one thing in common - they all participated in an African safari in search of the Caves of Akerban. The caves contain a secret so powerful that it would influence the outcome of World War II, and with each man murdered, the Black Hangman comes closer to discovering that secret. The only opposition this killer faces is a group of ragtag Air Force cadets, who pursue the Hangman across air, land and sea, plunging deep into Nazi territory to unmask the villain and exact their vengeance. Starring a pair of grown-up child stars (Johnny Downs of Our Gang and Bobby Jordan of the Dead End Kids), this wartime extravaganza was directed by a pair of serial pros - Ray Taylor (The Return of Chandu, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe) and Lewis D. Collins (Junior G-Men of the Air, Secret Agent X-9, Mysterious Mr. M).

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UE8325 Adventures Of The Flying Cadets DVD (1943 serial/Johnny Downs) $19.99 $17.99