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Created by Sherwood Schwartz, the man responsible for "Gilligan's Island," "Dusty's Trail" is centered around a group of pioneers lost in the untamed frontier after being separated from a wagon train. All of the characters from "Gilligan's Island" are represented, with Bob Denver as the bumbling Dusty. Together with the engineer, the banker and his wife, the saloon girl, the young school teacher and the wagon master, the group make a succession of comical attempts at finding their way to California. Episode 1: Dusty and the others arrive in the town of Puddle Flats to find it completely deserted. What they don't realize is that the military is using the town to test a new type of explosive. Episode 2: Dusty and Callaghan are taken captive by two brothers who promised their father they would not leave for California until their sisters were married. Unable to find genuine suitors for the homely women, a shotgun wedding seems the only option. Episode 3: While practicing his roping skills, Dusty accidentally snags a wild horse. Unaware that the horse has an owner already, he decides to keep it. The rancher who actually owns the horse arrives with the sheriff in tow, and Dusty is put on trial as a horse thief. Episode 4: An injured U.S. courier gives Dusty an important and valuable package to deliver to Fort Hale; a package so important that the courier chains it to Dusty's wrist. Unable to remove the chain and with a dangerous gunman after the contents of the pouch, the wagon train members decide to take shifts guarding it.

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ALP4497 Dusty's Trail Volume 1 DVD (1973/Bob Denver/Forrst Tucker) $5.99