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Sally Field's sheer charm and adorable-ness shine in the second season of The Flying Nun. In fact Field, and the rest of the stellar cast, throw themselves so heartily into the story that you almost forget the show's premise is wafer thin, not to mention slightly preposterous--that Field's petite Sister Bertrille is so light, and her Puerto Rican nun habit so aerodynamic, that she becomes airborne on her duties around San Juan. The second-season boxed set contains all 26 episodes, and they're greatly entertaining, as well as a sweet window into the America of the mid- to late-'60s. The good-hearted Sister Bertrille is still a novice, influenced by the Youthquake happening Stateside; when a habit salesman (!) tries to interest the Reverend Mother (Madeleine Sherwood) in a trendy "mini-habit," Sister Bertrille spies one and pronounces it "cool!"--before she corrects herself and says, "I mean, cool for when the weather gets too warm." Another episode, in which Sister Bertrille arranges for a Jewish wedding to take place in the convent's garden, is a reminder of an era when the major religions tried to work together for understanding--a happier time, no? Some priceless cameos pop up, including Paul Lynde as an esteemed priest-psychiatrist who nonetheless comports himself in a rather, shall we say, queenly manner. The Mother Superior's verdict? "He must be a real dingaling!"

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