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The Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) takes on a whole new meaning in this pair of breezy, romantic-comedy adventure films featuring lovesick leathernecks and gung-ho gals! Join the Marines (1937, B&W): Paula is the wild and uncontrollable daughter of Colonel Denbrough. Planning to elope with her beau Steve, she enlists the aide of Olympic hopeful Phil Donlan to help conceal the scheme from her dad. The ruse backfires and Phil is kicked off the team. Now desperately in love, he joins the Marines in order to win Paula's heart and the Colonel's approval. On Phil's first tour of duty to prove his love, he winds up in the middle of a bloody native rebellion on a hellish jungle island! Starring Paul Kelly, Reginald Denny, Sterling Holloway, Ray Corrigan June Travis, Parnell Pratt and Warren Hymer. Screenplay Joseph Krumgold and Olive Cooper. Directed by Ralph Staub. The Marines Are Coming (1934, B&W): "Wild Bill" Traylor is a playboy who lives by his own set of rules. While dodging marriage proposals from the spicy Rosita, Traylor woos Dorothy, the fianc?e of old pal, Captain Benton. As the rivals wage war over Dorothy's affections, they suddenly find themselves thrown together in a small Latin American country with orders to stop a mysterious insurrectionist known only as "The Torch." The one-time enemies, now comrades, Traylor and Benton confront the bloodthirsty rebel and his band in a spectacular firefight. Starring Esther Ralston, Conrad Nagel, William Haines and Edgar Kennedy. Screenplay James Gruen. Directed by David Howard.

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