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These girls aren't just bad, they're inhuman! Tangle if you dare with the Devil Girl from Mars, a cosmic vixen on a mission to retrieve virile men for her home planet -- and anyone who refuses, dies! Then gangsters and their socialite hostage hole up in a cabin that happens to be the stomping grounds for The Astounding She Monster, an Atomic Age babe whose touch can kill! Finally, pack up your gear and head to the Mesa of Lost Women, where Jackie Coogan ("Uncle Fester" from The Addams Family) uses spider venom injections to unleash a bevy of sex-starved predators on the Mexican desert! These curvaceous creatures from drive-in's golden age are so enticing, they'll leave you screaming for more!

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ID3073 Femme Fatale Collection DVD (Devil Girl from Mars/The Astounding She Monster/Mesa of Lost Women) $14.98