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England 1558-1603. The nasty genes of the Blackadder dynasty bubble back to the surface as Lord Edmund swaggers around town with a big head and a small beard in search of grace and favor from the stark raving mad Queen Bess. Episode 1 - Bells finds Edmund employing a new servant named BOB - much to Baldrick's distress. Just as things seems to turn out all right in comes FLASH his best man and complicates all. Episode 2 - Head - Queenie appoints Edmund Lord High Executioner and she keep his hopping with "off with their heads" only Edmund gets a little ahead of himself and lops one head too many. In Episode 3 - Potato - Edmund is furious that Sir Raleigh has returned and curries favour with Queenie, so he, Percy and Baldrick set out to find the new world...but they bring back something rather different! Episode 4. Money - has the Bishop of Barton Wells after Edmunds for money owed, Edmund dashes about madly to get it before the Bishop gets out his hot pokers. Episode 5 - Beer - Edmund has his uncle and aunt - religious people - coming for supper. But the Queen has Edmund in a drinking contest with her PM. Episode 6 - Chains - A mad German master of disguise tries to rule the world. He kidnaps Edmund and the PM, and the Queen can only ransom one.

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