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When a tanker carrying a nightmarish cargo is misdirected under the darkness of the midnight sky, a terrifying creature is unleashed on the east coast of America as average citizens fall prey to a bloodthirsty beast. Captured by hunters and locked securely in the hull of a massive tanker, a descendent of the Lyncanthrope family faces an uncertain fate. Later, when the ship reaches the shores of America, the enraged shape-shifter breaks free from his cage and sets out into the woods to find its next victim. Before long, the entire countryside is crawling with steel-clawed beasts that hunger for human flesh.

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Special Features * Widescreen presentation * English 5.1 Dolby Digital audio * "Spit You Out" music video * "Composing a Monster" featurette * Directors' commentary * Trailer gallery * English closed captioned * Optional English subtitles * Optional Spanish subtitles * Interactive menus * Scene selection

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LGE22217 Werewolf-Devil's Hound DVD (2007/Michael Dionne) $14.98