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In this exclusive collection of cinematic treasures, Kino on Video pays homage to the lesser-known works of the screen's most inventive comedian. Highlights include home movie footage of Keaton in Paris and on the set of The General, scenes from the never-completed Cinemascope musical Ten Girls Ago, excerpts from the rare TV series Life with Buster Keaton, his first dramatic role (Gogol's The Awakening), two 1930s shorts (Allez-Oop! and Jail Bait), commercials, excerpts from his appearance on TV's This Is Your Life and the newly-restored 1921 short Hard Luck. Film historian John Bengtson (the author of Silent Echoes) has prepared an interactive tour of locations where Keaton's films were shot. An extensive photo gallery reveals family snapshots, images from Keaton's vaudeville years, fascinating behind-the-scenes stills and more. Contents: Short Films * Ten Girls Ago* * Restorations: o Hard Luck o Daydreams* o The Love Nest* * Educational shorts: o Allez-Oop! o Jail Bait Television * The Awakening * Life with Buster Keaton: o The Haunted House* o Gymnasium Story* o Detective Story* o The Time Machine* Commercials * Phillips 66 * Shamrock Oil (edited and unedited versions) * Kodak* * Simon Pure Beer Home Movies (no audio) * Filming The General * Keaton in Paris * Interview with Keaton Silent Echoes (from John Bengtson's book) * Interactive maps * Case study: The General * Case study: Cops * A tour of Keaton's L.A. Tributes * This Is Your Life* * Orson Welles introduces The General * Lillian Gish introduces College * Gloria Swanson introduces The General Photo Gallery * Family photos * Vaudeville * Portraits * Production stills * Special effects * The Later Years * Excerpts *This DVD is part of theArt of Buster Keaton DVD Box Set

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