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Michael J. Fox stars as Doug Ireland in this romantic comedy about a brash concierge at a swanky New York hotel who always makes it a point to go out of his way for the hotel guests. But Doug doesn't want to be a concierge forever. What he would really like to do is build a swanky hotel of his own, and all he needs is $3 million to do it. When haughty and patronizing tycoon Christian Hanover (Anthony Higgins) comes to the hotel for a rendezvous with his mistress Andy Hart (Gabrielle Anwar), Doug sees the opportunity to convince Christian to invest the $3 million in his dream of a hotel. So, Doug willingly agrees to baby-sit Andy when Christian has to leave her to see his wife. But the more time he spends with Andy, the more affectionate he feels toward her, until finally he has fallen in love with her. Now Doug must make a choice concerning what he really wants -- his dream of a hotel or the love of Andy.

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This comedy starring Michael J. Fox gets above-average treatment for its release on DVD. For Love or Money has been given a widescreen transfer at its original aspect ratio of 1.85:1; the image is letterboxed on conventional televisions and enhanced for 16 x 9 playback on widescreen monitors. The audio has been mastered in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1. Along with the original English-language soundtrack, viewers also have a choice of a dubbed French version; optional subtitles in French, Spanish, and English are also available, as are closed captions in English.

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