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A provocative drama about sex, love, and trust, Bliss concerns Joseph (Craig Sheffer) and Maria (Sheryl Lee), a young married couple whose relationship is in serious trouble. While they love each other, Maria has difficulty opening up to Joseph, and, after six months of marriage, he makes the unhappy discovery that she's been unable to have an orgasm with him (though she's been willing to let him think otherwise). At work, Joseph and his co-workers notice a steady stream of beautiful women visiting an apartment across the street; the scuttlebutt around the office is that some sort of shady sex therapist works out of the building. One day, Joseph is shocked to see Maria visiting the apartment, and he bursts in and demands to know what's happening.

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Special Features * cc Digitally mastered audio & anamorphic video * Remastered in high definition * Widescreen and full screen presentations * Audio: English * Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Japanese * Bonus Trailers * Interactive Menus * Scene Selections

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CO08566 Bliss DVD (1996/Sheryl Lee) $14.95