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Don Ameche, renowned for his portrayal of the telephoneís inventor in The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, here plays another prolific inventor: Hiram Stevens Maxim, whose many creations include a machine gun, a mousetrap, the curling iron and various manufacturing mechanisms. The film is a love story, with Myrna Loy portraying Maximís bride, who sought wealth but found love. It is a growing-up story, with Bobby Driscoll playing Maximís son. And it is a affectionate evocation of time and place based on the sonís popular remembrance A Genius in the Family and filmed during the era of the comparably nostalgic Life with Father, I Remember Mama and Stars in My Crown. Memory warmly endures in So Goes My Love.

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WAA20307 So Goes My Love DVD (1946/Myrna Loy/Don Ameche) $17.99