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For much of the 20th Century, vaccines were hailed as a medical miracle for their ability to ward off such devastating diseases as mumps and polio; at the onset of the 21st Century, however, many parents began to wonder whether bombarding infants and toddlers with such a wide array of powerful drugs cold have adverse effects on their children's health as cases of ADHD and autism began to skyrocket. By the time most children reach the age of six, they have been subjected to approximately 26 inoculations for more than a dozen different diseases. Some experts, such as Dr. Robert Sears, have suggested that alternative vaccination schedules may be safer than the traditional approach since they allow our children's bodies more time to adapt to the multiple drugs they are being given without overloading their immune systems. Other parents have opted not to give their children a single vaccination, citing evidence that diseases like polio are no longer a threat to the average American. As the vaccine war rages, Frontline takes viewers into the heart of the battle to offer a comprehensive examination of the arguments being made by both sides.

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