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Lon Chaney, "The Man Of A Thousand Faces," stars with Jackie Coogan in this spectacular 1922 interpretation of Charles Dickens' immortal classic, Oliver Twist.Orphaned at birth, Oliver Twist toils in the workhouse under brutal conditions while he and his fellow inmates struggle to avoid starvation. Oliver manages to escape to the bitter streets of London's slums. "The Artful Dodger," an older lad, finds the homeless Oliver and offers him food and lodging. The Dodger takes Oliver to the lair of Fagin, a heinous old man who teaches his young wards the art of pickpocketing. While Oliver's life spins downward into depravity, the mystery of his origins will bring a glimmer of hope and salvation to the resilient and resourceful boy.

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ALP5849 Oliver Twist DVD (1922/Lon Chaney) $5.99