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The US Government's plans to establish a military landing field on Halfway Island are thwarted by an invisible magnetic force that destroys every plane or ship that attempts to land there. The Marines are counting on Sergeant Bill Schiller's new invention, a revolutionary battery-sized gyro-compass, to safely guide planes through the destructive force and keep them from crashing. If the invention works, and the government completes the island project, transportation tycoon H. R. Douglas stands to lose a fortune on his own floating airport. On its first test-flight, a plane carrying the gyro-compass crashes, but the device survives and is immediately stolen, leading officials to suspect Douglas and a mysterious gang leader known only as the "Tiger Shark." This exciting 12-episode serial follows the adventures of Marines Corporal "Larry" Lawrence and Sergeant "Mack" McGowan, patriots who are determined to retrieve the gyro-compass and secure the island. Together, Larry and Mack boldly take on every conceivable danger, from deadly ray guns to brutal savages and criminals, and in the process uncover an astonishing conspiracy.

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ALP4654 Fighting Marines DVD (1936 serial/Grant Withers) $5.99