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Ramon Escobar (Ricardo Cortez) is the ultimate Spanish gentleman - with a streak of Californianos grit that fuels his revolt against political corruption. Ravaged by oppressive taxes, and seeking to reclaim their lost cattle and property, Ramon's fellow ranchers eagerly join the young leader. An alliance with a local bandito turns deadly and a reward is posted for Ramon's capture. His long-time love Rosalia Miller (Marjorie Weaver) is kidnapped, serving as bait for a dangerous trap that ignites a bloody showdown. Before making this film Ricardo Cortez appeared in D.W. Griffith's Faustian saga Sorrows of Satan (1926) and the 1931 version of The Maltese Falcon, playing Sam Spade. Two years after her portrayal of Rosalia Miller, Marjorie Weaver played one of her most notable roles, First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, in John Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln.

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