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i_chinabox.jpg Share Best of Global Lens: China, The This Special Edition Box Set includes the following four films from China in The Global Lens Collection: Dam Street During a time of rigid moral code in China, a 16 year-old girl living in a small riverside town discovers she is pregnant. The community is stunned, and she is forced to put her child up for adoption. Ten years later, she is now a singer in a local troupe. “The sexual politics are provocative.” -The New York Times Luxury Car In this Cannes award-winning drama, a schoolteacher travels from his small village to the city of Wuhan in search of his missing son. But instead of finding their son, he discovers his daughter working as a karaoke bar escort, and her mobster boyfriend might be linked to his son’s disappearance. “Subtle and smart performances. Chinese star Tian Yuan is both tender and seductive.” -The Hollywood Reporter Stolen Life A reclusive young girl (played by internationally acclaimed actress and singer Zhou Xun) lives with her aunt and grandmother in Beijing. Surprising everyone, Yanni is accepted to college. But as she prepares to begin her new life, an encounter with a delivery man triggers a series of unexpected events. “Riveting. A polished feminist eye-opener.” -Variety Uniform Wang, a young tailor struggling to pay his father’s medical bills and also gain the attention of pretty Zheng, discovers a solution for both problems: a policeman’s uniform, left in the family shop. He begins to impersonate a police officer, extorting money and impressing Zheng - who also leads a double an escort. “Beautifully observed, great performances.” -London Film Festival English subtitles

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