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The Hard Hombre (1931, B&W): William Penn "Peaceful" Patton is a man who shuns gunplay in accordance with the teachings of his God-fearing mother. When Peaceful is hired as foreman at a ranch haunted by cattle rustlers, his first job is to round up their missing herd. When he approaches the outlaw gang, they mistake him for a ruthless gunman known as The Hard Hombre. This mix-up gives him unaccustomed power, which works to his advantage until the real Hard Hombre shows up. Starring Hoot Gibson, Lina Basquette, Jesse Arnold; Directed by Otto Brower. Lucky Terror (1936, B&W): Lucky Carson's life takes a bizarre twist when he gets caught up in a chase involving gold miner Jim Thornton and a gang of thieves. When Thornton falls to his death from a high mountain ledge, Lucky is left with Jim's horse and two saddlebags full of gold dust. Desperate to get their hands on Thornton's gold mine, now owned by his niece Ann, the outlaws frame Lucky for the miner's murder. With Lucky out of the way, the gang can go after the defenseless woman. Starring Hoot Gibson, Charles Hill, Lona Andre, Charles King; Directed by Alan James.

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ALP5527 Hoot Gibson Double Feature: The Hard Hombre/Lucky Terror (1931/1936) $5.99