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Five of the British film industry's best-loved comedies in one boxed set makes The Alec Guinness Collection absolutely essential for anyone who has any passion at all for movies. It contains Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), The Lavender Hill Mob (1951), The Man in the White Suit (1951), The Captain's Paradise (1953) (only available in this set), and The Ladykillers (1955). The Ealing Studio's greatest comedies captured the essence of post-war Britain, both in their evocation of a land once blighted by war but now rising doggedly and optimistically again from the ashes, and in their mordant yet graceful humor. They portray a country with an antiquated class system whose crumbling conventions are being undermined by a new spirit of individual opportunism. In the delightfully wicked Kind Hearts and Coronets, a serial killer politely murders his way into the peerage; in The Lavender Hill Mob a put-upon bank clerk schemes to rob his employers; The Man in the White Suit is a harshly satirical depiction of idealism crushed by the status quo; in The Captain's Paradise, a ferryboat captain complements his proper British wife with a fiery Spanish wife; while The Ladykillers mocks both the criminals and the authorities with its unlikely octogenarian heroine Mrs. "lop-sided" Wilberforce. Many factors contribute to these films' success--including fine music scores from composers such as Benjamin Frankel (Man in the White Suit), Malcolm Arnold (Captain's Paradise), and Tristram Cary (The Ladykillers); positively symphonic sound effects (White Suit); marvelously evocative locations (the environs of King's Cross in Ladykillers, for example); and writing that always displays Ealing's unique perspective on British social mores ("All the exuberance of Chaucer without, happily, any of the concomitant crudities of his period")--yet arguably their greatest asset is Alec Guinness, whose multifaceted performances are the keystone upon which Ealing built its biting, often macabre, yet always elegant comedy. THE LAVENDER HILL MOB: Bank clerk Henry Holland (Guinness) devises a plot to steal a fortune in gold from his own bank. But when Henry and his odd accomplice (Stanley Holloway) decide to melt the gold into souvenir Eiffel Towers to smuggle them into France, the result turns hilariously disastrous! KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS: Following his mother's death, Edwardian gentleman Louis Mazzini (Dennis Price) plots to avenger her by seizing the dukedom of the aristocratic d'Ascoyne family. To gain this inheritance, Louis must first murder a line of eccentric heirs to the title - all played brilliantly by Alec Guinness - in this delightful comedy named the Sixth Best British Film of All Time by the British Film Institute. THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT: Guinness delivers one of his most beloved performances as Sidney Stratton, an eccentric chemist who one day invents a fiber that never wrinkles, wears out or gets dirty. However, when mill owners realize his invention will destroy their industry, Sidney suddenly becomes the most hunted man in the nation. THE CAPTAIN'S PARADISE: Henry St. James (Guinness) is the captain of an international ferryboat who secretly enjoys one wife in Gibraltar and another in Tangier. But when the captain becomes careless with anniversary gifts, his personal paradise sails into some uncharted territory! THE LADYKILLERS: Called "one of the greatest comedies ever made" (Entertainment Weekly), this black comedy showcases Guinness as Professor Marcus, mastermind of a gang of vicious bank robbers. The gang rents a room from an elderly widow who appears harmless, but when she begins to meddle in their "perfect crime ," they realize she may pose the biggest threat of all.

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