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In the mid-1950s, the dramatic anthology series was one of the most popular TV formats. Many of these shows ("Kraft Television Theater," "Colgate Theater," "Philco Television Playhouse," "Goodyear Television Playhouse," etc.) were named after their corporate sponsors. "Telephone Time" is the Bell Telephone System's entry into the field, specializing in dramatic retellings of true stories. Many of the episodes were written by host John Nesbitt. I Am Not Alone: Shortly after WWII, a Polish nationalist is subjected to brutal psychological torture in a Soviet prison. Starring Victor Jory. Man With A Beard: A man refuses to shave his new beard, inciting his clean-shaven neighbors into a xenophobic frenzy, resulting in violent and tragic consequences. Recipe For Success: Master chef Henri Charpentier, the inventor of Crepes Suzette, reminisces with famed actress Sarah Bernhardt about his career feeding the world's rich and famous. In his 70s, his business and fortune are wiped out by unfair government regulations, yet he scrapes himself together and determines to bounce back. Starring Walter Slezak. The Mountain That Moved: A landslide buries a tunnel that carries water through a mountain to the valley's farms. Heroic blasting crews work around the clock for months, racing to cut a new channel in record time, before the struggling farmers lose everything they own.

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ALP5379 Golden Age of Television, Volume 1: Telephone Time DVD (1956/Victor Jory/Walter Slezak) $5.99