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Scientific genius Professor Brent, inventor of a ray gun that controls electrical energy, is kidnapped by evil hombres Dawson (Walter Miller) and Kincaid (Wheeler Oakman). They use the invention to shoot down and pillage mail planes transporting valuable bonds. Professor Brent's sleuthing daughter Natalie (Claudia Dell) investigates her father's mysterious disappearance. Hot sparks fly between her and undercover G-Man Tim Caverly (Tim McCoy) as they follow the trail of airplane disasters to the mountain settlement of Shiloh, California. Shiloh has been a ghost town for decades since the silver mine went bust and the townsfolk moved away. The two are taken captive by Dawson and Kincaid and the stage is set for a final showdown of mythic proportions.

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ALP4342 Ghost Patrol DVD (1936/Tim McCoy) $5.99