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The famed New York nightspot The Stork Club provides the setting for this entertaining Betty Hutton musical. Hutton plays Judy Peabody, a poor but spunky hatcheck girl, who one night saves an old hobo from drowning. But the old bum, Jerry Bates (Barry Fitzgerald) turns out to be a millionaire who expresses his gratitude by setting the wise cracking Judy up in luxury. Even though Bates expects nothing in return, complications ensue when Judy's G.I. boyfriend Danny (Don DeFore) begins to suspect that the millionaire's intentions towards his girl are less than noble. Betty Hutton performs unforgettable song and dance numbers including "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief," "Baltimore Oriole," "I'm a Square in the Social Circle" and "In the Shade of the Apple Tree."

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ALP3289 Stork Club DVD (1945/Betty Hutton) $5.99