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Full of female bikers, gang violence, catfights, over-the-top exploitation and bubblegum grindhouse experience extraordinaire, this entry from cinema auteur Norifumi Suzuki (Amazon - get this man`s name right, would you?) expands on classic "bad girl" archetypes similiar to the 'Stray Cat Rock' series from the late 60`s (starring the iconic Meiko Kaji) with explosive abandon and glee. Miki Sugimoto('Terrifying Girls High School') is leader of The Red Helmet Gang, an all-girl biker group who travel to Kyoto amidst a bid to take over the turf of local rival girl gangs there. But it isn`t long before she and her crew run afoul of the local Yakuza, and are then forced to seek the assistance of Pinky Violence icon Reiko Ike ('Sex and Fury','Female Yakuza Tale','Girl Boss Revenge') for help.

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