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Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub), the phobic private detective on psychiatric leave from the San Francisco police department, has his work--both professional and personal--cut out for him in Monk: Season Six. Typical of the long-running TV dramedy, Season Six doesn't cultivate any new story arcs played out over its 16 episodes. But Monk does get a little closer both to understanding himself and the mystery behind his wife Trudy's unsolved murder--the defining event that drove Monk into off-the-charts obsessive-compulsive behavior. The season opens with the enjoyable "Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan," guest-starring Sarah Silverman as Marcy Maven, a largely benign stalker of Monk who annoys him and his long-suffering assistant, Natalie (Traylor Howard). When Marcy is accused of using her dog to murder a neighbor, however, Monk leaps to her rescue, endangering himself and Natalie. The episode is particularly noteworthy for a scene in which Monk reluctantly takes part in a go-on-a-date-with-a-studly-cop charity auction, and no one bids on him. (Except Marcy, of course.) "Mr. Monk and the Rapper" stars Snoop Dogg as a successful rap artist who hires Monk to prove he didn't murder a rival. Problem is, Monk actually believes Dogg's character did the misdeed. The story re-introduces Monk's neurotic tendency to blend in with stressful situations during a kind of mental blackout. Shalhoub is hilarious taking on hip-hop affectations in his language and manner, and he has the same chameleon-like problem in a later episode called "Mr. Monk Joins a Cult." In the latter, Monk infiltrates a religious cult under the sway of a charismatic leader (Howie Mandel) suspected of murder. But while investigating the alleged spiritual figure, Monk is persuaded by him to leave his life and join the group. Monk's psychiatrist, Dr. Kroger (Stanley Kamel), proves instrumental in helping Monk free himself from the cult, one of many services that makes Monk feel obliged to help Kroger when the shrink's son, Troy (Cody McMains), gets in trouble in "Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure." One of the more harrowing scenes in Season Six takes place in that story: Monk and Troy are buried alive in a car covered by a ton of gravel. "Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa" finds Monk a pariah after being accused of wounding a seemingly friendly fellow tossing stuffed toys to people on the street. Finally, the two-part "Mr. Monk Is On the Run" finds Monk himself turned fugitive after he appears to have shot a man involved in Trudy's death. Pursued by a crooked lawman (Scott Glenn), Monk conspires with Captain Stottlemeyer (Ted Levin) to help him disappear, much to the distress of Natalie.

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Special Features "Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan" Video Commentary by Writer/Executive Producer Andy Breckman "Mr. Monk and The Naked Man" Video Commentary by Writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross; Mr. Monk and The Bad Girlfriend Video Commentary by Writer Joe Toplyn "Mr. Monk and The Birds and The Bees" Video Commentary by Writer Peter Wolk "Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure" Video Commentary By Writer/Co-Executive Producer Jonathan Collier "Mr. Monk and The Wrong Man" Video Commentary By Writer Sal Savo "Mr. Monk Is Up All Night" Video Commentary with Writer David Breckman "Mr. Monk Is Up All Night" Audio Commentary with Tony Shalhoub, Ted Levin, Jason Gray-Stanford, Executive Producer David Hoberman, and Director/Executive Producer Randall Zisk

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