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One couple's dream turns into the worst nightmare imaginable when their unborn child is declared dead in utero, and the devastated mother insists on carrying the stillborn baby to term. Madeline Matheson (Jordan Ladd) is eight months pregnant. She's determined to have a healthy child, and as such, she's adapted a pure-body lifestyle and decided to have a natural childbirth. Though her outspoken mother-in-law is adamant that Madeline receive standard hospital care during the delivery, the expectant mother has instead opted for the caring companionship of an experienced midwife. When the unborn baby is fatally injured during a sudden and tragic accident, Madeline remains determined to carry her stillborn daughter to term. Later, when the child is delivered, Madeline miraculously wills the tiny corpse to life. In the aftermath of the devastating experience, Madeline grows increasingly isolated from her family and friends, gradually realizing that something is terribly wrong with little baby Grace. Now, if Madeline hopes to keep Grace alive, she will be forced to make a series of dreadful sacrifices.

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Special Features Audio commentary with writer/director Paul Solet and actor Jordan Ladd Audio commentary with writer/director Paul Solet and producer Adam Green and director of photography Zoran Popovic Grace: conception Grace: family Her mother's eyes: the look of Grace Grace: delivered Lullaby: Scoring Grace Grace at Sundance Trailer

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