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Moon of the Wolf (1972, Color): On a moonlit night in the Louisiana bayou, a young woman is savagely mauled to death. Sheriff Aaron Whitaker is skeptical of all the superstitious talk by local folk, including the delirious ravings of an elderly Cajun man who croaks repeatedly of the "loup-garou" - an old French term for werewolf. As Whitaker follows clues that lead him from derelict swamp shacks to plantation mansions, death strikes at his back door, when a deputy and a prisoner are viciously slaughtered at the town jail. Moon of the Wolf stars David Janssen, who gained fame in the early 1960s as Dr. Richard Kimball in the highly successful TV series, "The Fugitive." Co-star Barbara Rush was leading lady to some of Hollywood's biggest male stars during the 1950s, appearing with Montgomery Clift, James Mason, Marlon Brando, Richard Burton and Kirk Douglas, to name a few. Starring David Janssen, Barbara Rush, Bradford Dillman, Royal Dano; Directed by Daniel Petrie. Honeymoon of Horror (1964, Color): Fear creeps into beautiful Lilli's conjugal bed during her very first night in the home of her new husband, eccentric sculptor Emile Duvre. She's distrubed by Emile's decadent bohemian friends, who practically live at the house. She's groped and pawed, both by Emile's mental patient brother, Max, and by a blind sculptor with a seeing-eye dwarf. She's threatened by Emile's jealous ex-lover, Helene, and she's terrorized by the dark, mysterious murderer-turned-manservant, Hajmir. Compounding Lilli's growing fear is the news that one of her husband's attractive models has disappeared. After attempts are made on her own life, the young bride runs screaming into the night, where death stalks her. Wherever she turns, fresh corpses pile up, until the final horrifying moment when her deepest fears are realized. Starring Abbey Heller, Robert Parsons, Alexander Panas, Vincenzo Petti, Directed by Irwin Myer.

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