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Lest anyone doubt that Maude was part of the great second golden age of TV sitcoms in the mid-'70s, the first season of the show will lay those doubts to rest. The inimitable Bea Arthur, who won an Emmy for the role, is the uber-feminist-realist at the center of a loving, slightly dysfunctional family in the Norman Lear series. Arthur, and Maude, are fearless in confronting issues of the day, from abortion and penalties for marijuana possession to the real heartbreak post-divorce. The supporting cast is first-rate, too, including Adrienne Barbeau as Maude's daughter, Carol, who's come home to nest after a traumatic divorce; Bill Macy as Maude's beleaguered fourth husband, Walter; and the beloved, fearless Esther Rolle as housekeeper Florida Evans. Despite the roiling issues and confrontation s in each episode, nothing rattles Maude, who became something of a role model for women trying to navigate through turbulent changing times. Sample dialogue: Maude: "When he says wife, he means possession." Walter: "So what, Maude? You told me a hundred times you want to be possessed." Maude: "Walter Findlay, I never said that standing up and you know it." Maude speaks her mind in all 20 episodes--and if you don't like it, God'll get you for that.

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