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The guns of Navarone are huge Nazi cannons, installed on an Aegean island behind enemy lines. Anthony Quayle is the officer assigned by the British to lead a task force to put the guns out of commission. When Quayle is injured, the mission winds up in the relatively inexperienced hands of Gregory Peck. There's little love lost between Peck, explosives expert David Niven and Greek patriot Anthony Quinn, especially when it becomes known that there's a traitor in their midst. Resistance leader Irene Papas weeds out the traitor, but there's still those guns to take care of.

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Special Features New audio commentary from film historian Stephen J. Rubin New "Forging the Guns of Navarone" documentary new "Ironic Epic of Heroism" Documentary New "A Heroic Scene" featurette New "Epic Restoration" featurette New narration-free prologue New roadshow intermission Audio commentary from director J. Lee Thompson "Memories of Navarone" retrospective documentary "A Message From Carl Foreman" "Great Funs" original featurette "No Visitors" original featurette "Honeymoon on Rhodes" original featurette "Two Girls on the Town" original featurette Talent files, production notes and more!

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CO16323 Guns Of Navarone 2 Disc Collector's Edition DVD (1961/Gregory Peck) $24.95