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"Alive, amusing, interesting and inventive" (Newsweek), Hi, Mom! established Brian DePalma (Carrie) as a formidable directorial talent and premier social satirist. Bursting withincisive parodies of home movies, TV documentaries and '60s off-Broadway "encounter theater" groups, and starring Robert De Niro in one of his earliest roles, Hi, Mom! is "brilliant and engaging" (Variety)! De Niro stars as Jon Rubin, a charmingly directionless Vietnam vet and would-be "erotic filmmaker." Convincing a film producer to finance his "peep art," Rubin sets up his camera to film the nocturnal activities of his unsuspecting neighbors. In short order, he goes from voyeur to participantand mild-mannered milquetoast to full-fledged urban guerrilla!

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