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Martin Scorsese explores the life of organized crime with his gritty, kinetic adaptation of Nicolas Pileggi's best-selling Wiseguy, the true-life account of mobster and FBI informant Henry Hill. Set to a true-to-period rock soundtrack, the story details the rise and fall of Hill, a half-Irish, half-Sicilian New York kid who grows up idolizing the "wise guys" in his impoverished Brooklyn neighborhood. He begins hanging around the mobsters, running errands, and doing odd jobs until he gains the notice of local chieftain Paulie Cicero (Paul Sorvino), who takes him in as a surrogate son. As he reaches his teens, Hill is inducted into the world of petty crime, where he distinguishes himself as a "stand-up guy" by choosing jail time over ratting on his accomplices. From that moment on, he is a part of the family. Along with his psychotic partner Tommy (Joe Pesci), he rises through the ranks to become Paulie's lieutenant; however, he quickly learns that, like his mentor Jimmy (Robert DeNiro), another half-Irish mobster, his ethnicity prevents him from ever becoming a "made guy," an actual member of the crime family. Soon he finds himself the target of both the feds and the mobsters, who feel that he has become a threat to their security with his reckless dealings.

Special Features

* 2 Commentaries.
* Cop and Crook with Henry Hill and former FBI Agent Edward McDonald.
* 3 All-New All-Dynamite Documentaries featuring Cast and Crew
* Getting Made: How a movie classic hit the streets..
* Made Men: The Goodfellas Lagacy: Filmmakers Joe Carnaham, Jon Favreau, Antonine Fuqua, The Hughes Brothers and Richard Linklater comment on the movie's influence.
* The Workaday Gangster looks at the less-glamorous side of mob life plus Paper Is Cheaper Than Film: Storyboard-to-screen comparisons.

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Special Features New digital sound and picture "Getting Made" making-of featurette "Made Men": other filmmakers on the influence of GoodFellas "The Workaday Gangster" mod life featurette "Paper Is Cheaper Than Film" storyboard comparison

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