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"Hard Target"(released Aug/93)concerns the story of a sadistic businessman by the name of Emil Fouchon(Lance Henriksen) and his associate Pik Van Cleaf(Arnold Vosloo). They have been in many locales worldwide where they offer to set up actual hunting expeditions...for humans. They pay off coroners so no questions are asked and hire a local stooge to suss out the people they need; preferably with no family,usually street people.This time the subject they last hunted had a family and now the daughter,Natasha Binder(Yancy Butler),has come looking for her father,a down and out ex vet.She enlists the help of a local unemployed ex vet Chance Boudreaux(Van Damme. At first he isn't interested as he has a job lined up,but when that falls through he agrees to help. "Time Cop" concerns the story of Max Walker(Van Damme),a security man who's wife has been killed in an explosion as he leaves for work. One day he is offered a job in a newly created corps of personnel assigned to police time. This is appropriate as he eventually finds his wife's death was not as a result of a robbery but a hit for him. "The Quest"(released April/96)is the story of Chris Dubois seen as an old man at the outset. He relates his story in a dissolve to his past in NYC of 1925. Being a deserted child from the streets himself he looks after a coterie of street kids with his job as a street performer;with mime make up walking on stilts. One day he and his charges rob a local thug of some substantial money and the thug comes a calling for it. He is forced to run from him and the police. He stows away on a ship which turns out to be a pirate ship. When they reach the south pacific the ship is attacked and boarded by an English mercenary by the name of Lord Dobbs(Roger Moore). Lord Dobbs in turns sells him to local tribesmen on an island off of Siam(Thailand)who teach him the ways of Muay Thai fighting. When he is ready they enter him in a fight and this is where he again meets Lord Dobbs. Impressed with his skills Dobbs buys him back and enrolls him in a tournament of the best fighters from around the world. "Street Fighter"(released Dec/94) concerns the story of the AN (Allied nations)security forces led by Colonel Guile(Van Damme). His United Nations-like forces are up against a local war lord and arms dealer Sagat(Wes Studi)and a crazed man,one self appointed General Bison(Raul Julia)from Shadaloo, who if he doesn't get his billions of dollars worth of ransom,will kill hostages he has taken and hold the AN accountable.

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LGE21273 Van Damme Four-Feature Film Set DVD (Hard Target / Lionheart / Sudden Death / The Quest) $19.98