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Based on the classic writings of James Fenimore Cooper, this exciting frontier adventure series vividly captured the daring exploits of Hawkeye, "first of the long rifles," and his faithful blood brother Chingachgook, last of the Mohicans. Set in New York's Hudson Valley of the 1750s, the series was filmed almost entirely in Canada from 1957 to 1958 utilizing authentic outdoor settings and carefully observed period detail. Athletic and handsome John Hart, famous for playing the title role in Jack Armstrong, The All-American Boy (1947) and numerous action adventure movies, is a natural as Nat 'Hawkeye' Cutler. Lon Chaney plays the Chingachgook role with relish, years after he had gained fame for his starring role in Of Mice And Men and the classic Universal movie The Wolfman. Girl: A white woman tricks Iroquois tribesmen to unite in an uprising by "resurrecting" the long dead, legendary warrior, Chief Pontiac. Morristown: An army of Seneca braves holds the citizens of Morristown hostage as they prepare for an all-out war against the white settlers. Reckoning: A British officer claims that a hostile Indian chief is his childhood blood brother. The Washington Story: As George Washington helps a young female landowner survey her newly inherited property, the pair are attacked by trappers who claim that the land is rightfully theirs.

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ALP5773 Hawkeye And The Last of The Mohicans, Volume 4 DVD (1957/Lon Chaney, Jr.) $5.99