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Debonair thief-turned-detective Simon Templar circles the globe to solve cases with charm and cunning in a series of fast-paced RKO films (1939-41) full of clever banter and cleverer twists based on stories by bestselling author Leslie Charteris. Academy Award® winner* George Sanders made his indelible mark as Templar in the five exciting installments in this endlessly entertaining 2-disc collection. Start sleuthing. “THE SAINT STRIKES BACK” With GEORGE SANDERS WENDY BARRIE JONATHAN HALE JEROME COWAN BARRY FITZGERALD “THE SAINT IN LONDON” With GEORGE SANDERS SALLY GRAY DAVID BURNS GEORGE McLEOD ATHENE SEYLER HENRY OSCAR “THE SAINT’S DOUBLE TROUBLE” With GEORGE SANDERS HELENE WHITNEY JONATHAN HALE BELA LUGOSI DONALD MacBRIDE JOHN F. HAMILTON “THE SAINT TAKES OVER” With GEORGE SANDERS WENDY BARRIE JONATHAN HALE PAUL GUILFOYLE MORGAN CONWAY “THE SAINT IN PALM SPRINGS” With GEORGE SANDERS WENDY BARRIE PAUL GUILFOYLE JONATHAN HALE LINDA HAYES

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WAA21161 Saint 5 Movie Collection DVD (1939-41/George Sanders) $35.99