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Wealthy seafarer Cappy Ricks returns home to find his family, home and business headed for the rocks. Daughters, Frankie and Ellen are on the brink of disastrous marriage decisions. His house has been taken over by Ellen's mother-in-law who has also conspired to strip Cappy of control of his corporation! Convinced that the idle life has dulled their minds, Ricks hatches an elaborate plot to take the entire family on a cruise, then strand them, temporarily, on a desert island where they will HAVE to work and rely on their wits. Unfortunately, the plan goes amiss and Cappy and the family are REALLY marooned with little prospect of rescue! Universally acknowledged as one of Hollywood's greatest character actors, Walter Brennan was the first actor to win 3 Academy Awards and the only actor to win 3 Best Supporting Actor awards. He has appeared in scores of great motion pictures including The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (1938), Sergeant York (1941), Pride Of The Yankees (1942), To Have And Have Not (1944) and My Darling Clementine (1946). He is probably best remembered for his role as patriarch Amos McCoy in his television series "The Real McCoys" (1957-1963) as well as his starring role in "The Guns Of Will Sonnett" (1967-69).

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