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Sweeping epic scope and recreation of pastoral country life interrupted by warfare sprawls across the screen in vivid neo-realist fashion in the rare historical cinematic treasure, The Heart Of A Nation (Utel Pere et Fils). Three times in under one-hundred years, Paris has been seized by enemy forces. The Heart Of A Nation chronicles the spirit of revolution by juxtaposing the 1940 invasion by the Nazis with the 1871 siege of the City of Lights. The Heart Of A Nation spans 69 years, episodically depicting a Montmartre family's struggle for peace and justice in the face of oppression. Denounced in 1942 by Nazi officials as propaganda, The Heart of a Nation was smuggled out of World War II era France and brought to America where the film was re-edited with narration by Charles Boyer. It is this famous edition of The Heart Of A Nation that is a must for history buffs, war aficionados and movie scholars.

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