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William Tracy is gun-shy Sergeant "Dodo" Doubleday, right-hand man and brain behind the addled Colonel Barkley (James Gleason). A career military man, Dodo yearns for advancement and the love of the Colonel's daughter, Betty (Elyse Knox). While on a picnic with the Betty and her father, a series of misadventures makes Colonel Barkley think that Dodo is an expert marksman. The real crack-shots of the camp, sergeants Cobb and Ames (Noah Beery, Jr. and Joe Sawyer), don't take this news lying down, and set out to prove that they are the best marksmen and expose Doubleday. They escalate their "war on Dodo" when they, too, compete for Betty's affections! Faster than a sergeant can be stripped of his stripes, Dodo uses every trick he can think of to out-smart his rivals and trade firearms for Betty's loving arms!

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ALP5009 Hay Foot DVD (1942/Noah Beery Jr.) $5.99