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Would-be detectives, Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson help heiress Joan Eldredge (Mary Howard) save her jinxed New York theatre. They direct a musical revue to raise money, but the sudden murder of the show's producer spoils their plans. Undaunted, Ole and Chic plan to uncover the killer during a live radio broadcast. Only moments before going on the air, the duo is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious secret hideout. The restless audience is in an uproar and tension mounts as the zany team must escape and make their way back to the theatre is time for the curtain. Starting out in Vaudeville, Olsen & Johnson starred in films featuring outrageous sight gags and slapstick comedy. All Over Town showcases their unique brand of mayhem in a hilarious movie made shortly before "Hellzapoppin" - the hit Broadway show that catapulted their careers.

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ALP4793 All Over Town DVD (1937/Ole Olsen/Chic Johnson) $5.99