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Hercules against the Mongols (1963, Color): The death of tyrant Genghis Khan in 1227 AD puts his sprawling empire into the hands of his three violent sons - Sayan, Susdol and Kin Khan. When they invade the peaceful city of Tuleda and imprison the beautiful Princess Bianca, mighty Hercules comes to the rescue. After competing in a tournament of strength against the Khan brothers for the right to barter for Bianca's freedom, Hercules voluntarily surrenders himself into slavery. While the brothers take turns tormenting the hero and conspiring against each other, an alliance of Western armies advance on their position. Seriously outnumbered by the Asian hordes, the approaching forces don't stand a chance unless Hercules can escape to join them in their fight against the Mongol terror. Starring Mark Forest, Ken Clark, Jose Greci; Directed by Domenico Paolella. Hercules and the Masked Rider (1964, Color): The immortal demi-god Hercules championed the downtrodden and defenseless against tyranny through the ages. In the violent world of 17th century Spain, the legendary strongman comes to the aid of a valiant young soldier whose beautiful young lover is betrothed to a sadistic, war-mongering Duke. Disguised by a red mask and aided by Hercules and a tribe of outlaws, the soldier becomes known as "The Masked Rider." He mounts an escalating war against the army of brutal mercenaries, determined to topple the tyrant and rescue his beloved from the Duke's vile clutches. Starring Alan Steel, Mimmo Palmarra, Jose Greci; Directed by Piero Pierotto.

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ALP5497 Hercules Against The Mongols/Hercules and the Masked Rider DVD (1963/Mark Forest-1964/Alan Steel) $5.99