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Flash Casey, an aspiring crime photographer fresh out of college, gets in over his head when he finds himself in the middle of a blackmail plot. Innocent pictures he has taken get retouched and used to sully the good name of newspaper mogul, Major Addison. Teaming up with sob-sister columnist Kay Lanning, Flash plans a major photographic reversal to salvage Addison's tarnished reputation - and his own career. Originally based on stories from pulp magazines, the popular radio series "Casey Crime Photographer," was adapted for the big screen in 1938. Here's Flash Casey exploits the popular "candid camera" craze of the mid-1930s when newly developed miniature cameras allowed photographers to shoot their subjects without being noticed. In 1951, a TV series called Crime Photographer revived the Casey character, with Darren McGavin cast in the lead role.

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ALP5713 Here's Flash Casey DVD (1937/Eric Linden) $5.99