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Captain Jim Knight arrives on a remote South Sea island where he finds the natives enslaved by a smuggling gang led by Malone. Islanders forced at gunpoint to mine a deep pearl bed are being systematically killed off. Knight and his crew surprise and capture the gang, but during the long voyage to a trial on the mainland, Malone and his henchmen take control of the ship. Captain Knight will have to fight to save his own life before he can attempt to bring Malone to justice. Hell Ship Mutiny features vivid underwater battles and scenes of exotic sea creatures. Star and producer Jon Hall was showing off the new underwater motion picture equipment he was pitching to the studios. Featured are legendary character actors John Carradine and Peter Lorre as well as Universal contract player, Peter Coe. Jon Hall's father, actor Felix Locher, plays the king.

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ALP5657 Hell Ship Mutiny DVD (1957/Jon Hall/John Carradine/Peter Lorre) $5.99