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In the blood-soaked world of ancient times, brutal power struggles and violent wars leave the landscape littered with dead bodies. After suffering a staggering defeat in battle, King Herod of Judea struggles to hold onto his shattered kingdom. His strongest supporter is his beautiful queen, Miriam, who urges him to fight on against the odds. His most treacherous enemy is Miriam's scheming mother, who conspires to have Herod murdered and her son, David, placed on the throne. Engulfed in a web of betrayal, lies and murder, Herod fights against the cold spectres of paranoia, madness and death as clouds of destruction loom on the horizon. Filmed in Rome, Herod The Great is a brooding tale of revenge that saw wide distribution throughout Europe and eventually arrived on U.S. shores by late 1960. Cult movie fans may appreciate the cast of Herod The Great. Featured actress Sylvia Lopez had a minor career in Italian films, but appeared in the well-known sword and sandal favorite Hercules Unchained with Steve Reeves. British-born actor Edmund Purdom plays the lustful tyrant Herod. He appeared in the TV mini-series Winds Of War and The Seventh Scroll, as well as numerous cult movies like Frankenstein's Castle Of Freaks, and City Of The Walking Dead. And look for a supporting role by Alberto Lupo, known to genre fans for his featured role in the horror film Atom Age Vampire.

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