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By the time "Here's Lucy" rolled into its third season in the fall of 1970 on CBS, many of Lucille Ball's contemporaries were slowly fading from the television landscape. Stars like Jack Benny, Ed Sullivan, Eddie Albert, and the clan on the "Beverly Hillbillies" were facing retirement as the networks thought the public became tired of seeing these stars week after week. Such was certainly not the case with Lucy. "Here's Lucy" finished its third season as the third highest rated series on network TV and came in as the #1 show on CBS. A lot of this was because by the third season the audience became accustomed to the premise of the series with Lucille acting with her real-life children. The fact too that nearly every big Hollywood star wanted to be on "Here's Lucy" surely helped with the show's ratings. Without a doubt the most popular episode in the series' history is the season opener that debut on September, 14, 1970 entitled "Lucy Meets The Burtons" in which Lucy has none other than Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as guest stars. In that episode Lucy mistakingly puts a ring on her finger owned by Liz and can't get it off. Other guest stars that year included Sammy Davis Jr., Vincent Price, Jack Benny, Carol Burnett, and Rudy Vallee. The final two episodes were also filmed in beautiful Hawaii for a two-parter. This DVD set includes all 24 episodes restored from their original master tapes.

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There is a wealth of bonus material in this four DVD boxset including new episode introductions by Lucy's kids Lucie and Desie Arnaz Jr.; a rare interview with Vivian Vance; syndication promos; Lucy blooper reel; Lucy's home movies from Hawaii; behind the scenes clips; and much more.

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