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He's a superhero - with the tights and cape to prove it! Steve (John Ritter), a struggling New York actor costumed for a job posing as Captain Avenger at a movie premiere, walks into a corner market...and into a holdup. One smash! boom! pow! later and the Big Apple is hailing Steve. Not as a hero. As a superhero. Reel life turns real for Steve in this comic charmer celebrating the hero in all of us. One of the most likable stars ever to grace large or small screens, Ritter is hilarious and touching as a workaday guy who discovers righting wrongs is a whole lot of fun. So much that corrupt politicians want to cut in on the action and use Steve's fame to their own advantage. Will Steve cave to their scheme? This is a job for a superhero who knows right from wrong!

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WA67557 Hero At Large DVD (1978/John Ritter) $14.95