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Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) is one of a waning few survivors of a clan of immortals who have been dueling each other for centuries in the quest to be the last one remaining, and hence achieve a supreme enlightenment that would be dangerous in the wrong hands. The immortals can only die by decapitation, so they hunt each other through time and across continents to meet for each decisive duel, which will bring one of them a step closer to ultimate power. In present-day America, the troubled hero MacLeod lives a brooding and lonely existence, having lost his true love centuries ago. The evil Kurgan (Clancy Brown), an immortal who plans to use his power toward unspeakable ends, has fought MacLeod before but is still trying to finish him off. After emerging victorious from a parking garage skirmish with the third-to-last immortal, MacLeod knows that only Kurgan is left, and the two are on a collision path toward the inevitable.

Special Features


* Widescreen presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs

* Audio commentary with director Russell Mulcahy and producers Peter S. Davis and William N. Panzer

* Theatrical trailer

* Talent bios

* Languages: English, French

* DVD-ROM link to Highlander website

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Special Features

additional footage,
director and producers' commentary, photo and artwork archive,
original trailer,
official time line of the film's evolution from script to screen.

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