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Hondo is so "perfect" a John Ford western that many people assume it was directed by John Ford--or at the very least, Andrew McLaglen. Actually the director was suspense expert John Farrow, who worked with the "Duke" only twice in his career (the second film was an oddball war drama, The Sea Chase [55]). In Hondo, JOHN WAYNE plays a hard-bitten cavalry scout who is humanized by frontierswoman Geraldine Page and her young son (Lee Aaker, star of TV's Rin Tin Tin). Try as he might, Wayne can't convince Page to move off her land in anticipation of an Apache attack. He leaves her ranch, only to be ambushed by desperado Leo Gordon--who happens to be Page's long-absent husband. Having killed Gordon, Hondo returns to the ranch to protect Page from the Indians, and to rekindle the woman's hesitant love for him. The climactic attack sequence is enhanced by Hondo's 3-D photography, one of the few truly effective utilizations of this much-maligned process.

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Special Features cc Commentary by Leonard Maltin, western historian Frank Thompson, and actor Lee Aaker A special introduction by Leonard Maltin The making of Hondo Profile: James Edward Grant The John Wayne Stock Company: Ward Bond From the Batjac Vaults The Apache Photo gallery Original theatrical trailer Batjac teaser Full screen format Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and Mono English subtitles

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