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Big Street: Haughty nightclub singer Gloria Lyons (Lucille Ball) doesn't have time for the little people, including Little Pinks (Henry Fonda), the busboy who adores her. Then Gloria is paralyzed when a mobster knocks her down the stairs, and those little people are the only ones who help her. Critic's Choice: Tossing inspired throwaway lines right and left, Hope is a New York critic who loves writing pointed reviews that close insufferably lousy plays. But there's a new play in town by his redheaded wife (Ball). Dance Girl Dance: Bubbles (Lucille Ball) loves to dance. But she also likes to eat. Her friend Judy (Maureen O'Hara) may choose to suffer for her art, but not Bubbles. She swap hers balletshoes for a G-string...and turns patrons' fantasies into dollars as burlesque sensation Tiger Lily White. Dubarry Was a Lady: Hapless nightclub hat check boy Red Skelton loves glamorous chanteuse Lucille Ball. Handsome hoofer Gene Kelly loves her too. But Lucy only loves money. Then Red mistakenly gulps down a Mickey Finn, dreams he's in 18th-century France and before you can powder your wig, a throng of suitors fall in love with Lucy! Mame: Lucille Ball brings star sparkle to the title role, a high-living grande dame who's outlandishly eccentric and, when suddenly faced with raising an orphaned nephew, fiercely loving. Veterans of the New York stage original join her: Beatrice Arthur as best friend Vera, Jane Connell as prim governess Agnes, choreographer Onna White and director Gene Saks.

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Special Features * Includes: * The Big Street (1942) * Vintage musical short "Calling All Girls" * Classic cartoon "The Hep Cat" * B&W, 1.33 * Critic's Choice (1963) * Vintage comedy short "Calling All Tars" with Bob Hope * Oscar-nominated cartoon "Now Hear This" * Theatrical trailer * Color, 2.35 * Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) * Vintage comedy short "Just a Cute Kid" * Classic cartoon "Malibu Beach Party" * Du Barry Was a Lady (1943) * Oscar-nominated Pete Smith specialty short "Seeing Hands" * Classic cartoon "Bah Wilderness" * Color, 1.33 * Mame (1974) * Vintage featurette "Lucky Mame"

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