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The Hour of the Wolf (original Swedish title: Vargtimmen) is Ingmar Bergman's spin on the demons that plague his fellow creative artists. Max von Sydow plays a painter who, while spending a summer in seclusion with his pregnant wife Liv Ullmann, is visited by bizarre and disturbing visions. Before long, Ullmann is also experiencing her husband's hallucinations; one of these, an old, faceless woman, advises Ullmann to read Von Sydow's diary. Doing so, Ullmann discovers that her husband has been cheating on her with Ingrid Thulin. In the subsequent domestic squabble, Von Sydow shoots and wounds his wife. The artist's punishment for this behavior is to have his lover, now dead, spring back to life and humiliate him in full view of Ullmann. Hour of the Wolf has something to say about the dangers of artists becoming too self-centered and self-involved; one hopes that most artists are not as thoroughly punished (or punishable) as Max Von Sydow.

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Special Features cc Brand-new digital film transfer presented in the original aspect ratio (1.33:1) Original Swedish audio (mono) English, French and Spanish language subtitles "The Search for Sanity" featurette On-camera interviews with Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson Audio commentary by Ingmar Bergman biographer Marc Gervais Ingmar Bergman at Work and Hour of the Wolf photo galleries Original theatrical trailer

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