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Image Entertainment is proud to present one of the true pioneers of early television--"The Howdy Doody Show!" Join Buffalo Bob, Clarabell, Mr. Bluster, Professor Whipporill and, of course, Howdy as they enjoy adventure after adventure while learning valuable life lessons. A magical show from a magical time; the Golden Age of Television comes to home video! "Andy Handy" (May 4, 1957) - Howdy and Buffalo Bob build a do-it-yourself soda fountain which they hope to sell to tycoon Andy Handy. "Easter" (April 13, 1957) - Buffalo Bob wants to color Easter eggs for the Easter bunny to hide. Mr. Bluster, not believing in the Easter bunny, sees a chance to make some money and buys all the eggs in town to sell to Buffalo Bob. "Mr. Bluster Up to His Old Tricks" (April 1, 1953) - Chief Thunderthud wants to be on "The Howdy Doody Show," but Buffalo Bob, the Princess, and Clarabell fear it's another one of Mr. Bluster's tricks. "Water Fountain" (May 4, 1957) - There's a new fountain in Doodyville. Clarabell throws a penny into it, thinking it's a wishing well. But Mr. Bluster takes it over and schemes to use it to make money.

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