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The Bird Club (February 1, 1958) - Buffalo Bob invites Professor Whipporill to speak at a meeting of the Doodyville Bird Club. The Professor brings along a pet woodpecker, which Mr. Bluster uses to break up the meeting. "10th Anniversary" (December 28, 1957) - Howdy's 10th Anniversary on TV is celebrated with a birthday party. The show's theme is based on the program "This Is Your Life." "Shrinking Machine" (February 8, 1958) - Hoping to shed a few pounds, Buffalo Bob uses Howdy Doody's new shrinking machine. But, due to Mr. Bluster and his mean cohort Pesky the Clown's trickery, Buffalo Bob shrinks down to the size of Tom Thumb! "Tammy Returns" (March 8, 1958) - Clarabell and the grand prize winner of the Smile Contest--Tammy Marihugh of Hollywood, California--return from their tour. Buffalo Bob gets ready to present Tammy with her prizes, but he finds that they have disappeared.

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